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connected and intelligent single-dose dry powder inhaler

Connected and intelligent
single-dose dry powder inhaler

Simple, intuitive, reliable and…smart.

RS01 is the world’s most popular single-dose DPI and is now available with built-in sensors, offering connectivity and data services to improve inhaler technique and adherence to treatment

Fully integrated

RS01X tracks inhaler use and connects to Respiro app to provide guidance, improving adherence and inhaler technique

Powered by Respiro

The Respiro app serves as a companion to the inhaler, providing reminders, personalized insights and tips, powered by data and AI

Made for Patients and Providers

Patients can share their data with healthcare providers, in person and digitally, to enable collaborative and data driven treatment adjustments

RS01X combines Berry Healthcare’s 50 years of experience in inhalers design, development and manufacturing with Amiko’s expertise in developing AI powered digital medicines


Universal platform

universal delivery platform for generic and novel dry powder medicines

Advanced sensors

built-in sensors record adherence and key inspiratory flow data

Digitally connected

seamless integration into Amiko’s Respiro companion app and digital medicine platform


all data is processed, stored and encrypted on board

No charging required

built-in battery ensures no additional charging is required for the duration of usage

Familiar design

device handling and use steps are consistent with standard RS01

Equivalent performance

unchanged RS01 medication delivery geometry ensures equivalent performance

RS01X is made smart with Respiro, a digital medicine platform that combines data, AI, and elegant digital experiences to upgrade respiratory care

Smart inhaler +
Digital therapeutics

Data management,
integration, and analytics

RPM and
Analytics software

Improved medication adherence and inhaler technique

Respiro has been used in clinical studies and over 30 commercial programs and is proven to improve adherence and inhaler technique

Average controller adherence over 7 months

Average optimal inhaler technique over 7 months

1. Chan et al., 2015
2. Sanchis et al., 2016
3. Improvement seen in ACT4Y randomized controlled trial, 2019

Your own branded experience

Integrate your branding into new and futuristic digital experiences for patients, their families and their health care teams

Equivalence by design

The RS01X is an equivalent of the world’s most popular single dose DPI. The RS01X is upgrading the best in class RS01 inhaler platform with data and connectivity, while maintaining the proven drug delivery performance of the original

Manufactured in ISO 7 clean rooms

4 airflow resistance variants

Compatible with various hard gelatin and HPMC capsule sizes

Best in class puncturing technology and internal flow geometries for optimal powder outflow and delivery

Compact size, easy to use, affordable

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